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The Life After - podcast

Aug 4, 2020

“The Life After” - now for the first time in English.

This is because Ole Hoyer is mostly working around the world helping people to embrace 1 change at a time in a strong sustainable transformation. A very insightful conversation about the power of connecting body, heart, mind, spirit and with a focus on creating simplicity in a complex world.

“Common sense is not necessary common practice” as Ole says, which is a huge unutilized potential.

A conversation about the magic that happens when CEOs let go of their role and connect to just being a human being and how a changed mindset can help us attracting the life we always wanted to have.

Both Ole and I live our lives based on spirituality and we are talking about the impact of energy and how the awareness of energy can contribute in our daily lives.

Last but not least, we talk about why resilience is often the key to success, and it’s something we both work with every day. A deep conversation that for sure can help each and everyone who will listen to our conversation.